SAAB 900 Automatic to Manual Conversion

This Document serves both as a record of a project on a 1984 Saab 900, and as a reference for do-it-yourselfers who wish to convert from automatic to manual shift. These notes apply only to the 1979-1993 Saab 900 including the 1994 convertible.

Download SAAB 900 Automatic to Manual Conversion PDF 450 KB

Saab 95 Neutral Position Switch (NPS or NSS) ReplacementIntermittent car won’t start typically after short trip (10 minutes or so) Rowing gear selector back and forth sometimes is a short term fix.I was unable to find a 95 DIY instruction so I made this one. However, there is a well documented replacement procedure on the NG900 and OG93 BB (search Neutral Safety Switch). After reading that one I believe it is easier to do on the 95 – procedure follows.Download Saab 95 Neutral Position Switch (NPS or NSS) Replacement PDF 331 KB

Here is the owners manual for the Saab 900s SE, I apologize if this is not the actual Chilton manual if you find it forward it to me so I can have it published here.Thanks

Manual for Saab 900. Year make 1996.
Instrukcja do Saab 900 rocznik 1996.

Download Saab 96 1996 Owners Manual 9.5 MB

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