Changing the Cyclop’s Light & Access To Wiper Motor

tringle.jpgPicture #1: You have to remove the hatch panel first.

BackpanelPicture #2: Here are the screws that you have to remove to remove the hatch inside cover.
Remove HandlePicture #3: Remove the handle. Use the torx screwdriver that come with the car.
Turn Screw 1/4Picture #4: You have to turn that screw 1/4 turn to disengage it.
Here is an other screwPicture #5: Here another torx screw.
A second one under the plastic.Picture #6: There is another screw under the plastic panel.
Here the passenger side inside hatch.Picture #7: Here the passenger side inside hatch.
Here the drivers side inside hatch.Picture #8: Here the driver side inside hatch.
Wiper MotorPicture #9: Here the wiper motor. No problem with it yet, so no more picture on it!
Cyclops BulbsPicture #10: Here the four cyclop bulbs location. Change all four unless you want to repeat this procedure over and over.
Close Up Cyclops BulbsPicture #11: Here a closeup of the bulbs assembly. Just turn 1/4 turn the plastic socket and change the bulb. Et voilĂ !

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