Spyker “doing everything” to get Saab, shares held

2008 Saab 9-3 ConvertibleSTOCKHOLM/AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch sportscar maker Spyker (SPYKR.AS) on Tuesday appeared closer to buying Swedish automaker Saab from General Motors , with the chief executive saying he was “doing everything” to seal the deal.

Trading in Spyker shares was halted in Amsterdam pending an announcement. The stock skyrocketed 77 percent on Monday on speculation it was near to agreeing the acquisition.

Spyker, which only produces several dozen handmade supercars every year, hopes to benefit from Saab’s technical resources and distribution network, while Saab, with annual production of over 90,000 cars, would get an injection of entrepreneurial spirit.

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What is the Fate of Saab ?

With the economic struggle of GM, Daimler Chrysler, and Ford; Leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The plug has been pulled on many concept vehicles, thousands have lost their jobs, and just recently the U.S. Government has forced GM’s CEO to resign due to lack on efficiency on restructuring a struggling company.

Saab’s future is at stake here, it is uncertain what Saab’s future will be, there is a lot of hipe about Saab’s Fate as the world news flod the interne, view some headlines.

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