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Saab Receives Order for the Support and Maintenance of Swedish Gripen Fighters

Defense and security company Saab has received an order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), for the support and maintenance of Gripen and technical support for the Swedish Armed Forces. The order forms part of an earlier signed agreement for performance-based support and maintenance. The order has a total value of SEK 330 million [USD 49.63 million; EUR 38.34 million – Ed.]. Continue reading

Auto Show Outsiders Seek Rebirth

DETROIT — In early 2010, General Motors kicked its Saab brand to the curb as part of its postbankruptcy reorganization.

And that was, literally, where Saab showed up at this week’s Detroit auto show, showing off a half dozen models outside the convention hall on a concrete terrace across the street.

The display was sprinkled first with artificial snow, before getting a solid coating of the real thing when a storm blew in Tuesday afternoon.

Saab, now owned by a Dutch carmaker, was among a cadre of brands conspicuously absent from the Cobo Center after being discarded during the shakeout of the American auto industry. Some, including Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Mercury, were nowhere to be found, having been sent to the scrap heap as General Motors and Ford streamlined operations.

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Rebounding Saab will build the 9-4X crossover

The new Saab 9-4X

Saab 9-4X

During the tumultuous sale of Saab from General Motors to Spyker, product plans were left a little up in the air. While the new company said the 9-4X crossover would certainly be in the lineup, we learned today that indeed the 9-4X — the prototype is pictured above — is coming, and it will be revealed later this year.

The news was part of a press release touting the company’s newest ad campaign “Move Your Mind.” The release also says that the Saab lineup will continue to be powered by turbo engines.

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Spyker “doing everything” to get Saab, shares held

2008 Saab 9-3 ConvertibleSTOCKHOLM/AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch sportscar maker Spyker (SPYKR.AS) on Tuesday appeared closer to buying Swedish automaker Saab from General Motors , with the chief executive saying he was “doing everything” to seal the deal.

Trading in Spyker shares was halted in Amsterdam pending an announcement. The stock skyrocketed 77 percent on Monday on speculation it was near to agreeing the acquisition.

Spyker, which only produces several dozen handmade supercars every year, hopes to benefit from Saab’s technical resources and distribution network, while Saab, with annual production of over 90,000 cars, would get an injection of entrepreneurial spirit.

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